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Screen Anarchy review "Victim No. 6" Following Fantasia Screening

This week, Victim No. 6 was screened in Fantasia Film Festival's annual Born of Women showcase, which featured 7 other fantastic short films spearheaded by women. In their review of the screening block, Screen Anarchy had this to say about Victim No. 6:

"Victim No. 6 follows, from the very-talented Nancy Menagh (U.S.). At 22 minutes, most short films don't get programmed at festivals. However, this desaturated, '70s period piece is so well done that the time flies by with all the flourish of those long, butterfly collars on display. There's a slasher on the loose, and with so many women missing, nerves are frayed. Lead Heather Brittain O'Scanlon delivers a brickhouse-solid performance that anchors the piece, easily switching between motivations and moods --- she makes acting seem effortless, and I'd like to see her in more films. In concert with Menagh, this film flips power dynamics in ways that are more surprising and less cliche. This film could be a great proof of concept for a series or feature; I'd love to see more female villains like this."

We couldn't be more excited about all the love being shown to our film. Thank you Screen Anarchy and Izzy Galgana for taking the time to watch and write this up! If you'd like to see the review, or read about the other films in our block, click here:


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