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"Victim No. 6" Nabs 4 Awards ahead of LIIFE Screening!

We are over the moon about this one! We are filled with pride over the love which “Victim No. 6” is receiving from the Long Island International Film Expo! So far we received a total of four (4!) awards:

WINNER Best Actress Heather Brittain O’Scanlon

WINNER Best Original Score James Newberry

WINNER Best Cinematography Aram “Spike” Bauman

WINNER Best Art Direction James Bartol

Thank you Long Island International Film Expo for so generously awarding our creative team! We had such a talented, hardworking cast and crew on Victim No. 6, we could sing their praises all day! Suffice it to say that we feel endlessly lucky and grateful to have worked with such wonderful people, and are so happy their work is being recognized. Their work on this project was stellar and these awards are so well deserved!

If you'd like to attend our in-person or virtual screening at LIIFE, click the quick link below for ticket info:


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