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“Victim No. 6” is an Official Selection at Fantasia!

Sharp period detail, a solid central performance from Heather Brittain O’Scanlon, and smart storytelling hooks are the ticket in Nancy Menagh’s award-winning VICTIM NO.6. A serial killer stalks 1975 NYC. That’s not going to stop New Yorkers from having fun in this largely bar-set short. It’s a groovy time. Just be careful who you leave with.” – Mitch Davis

We’re geeking out over this one…

Victim No. 6” is an Official Selection at the Fantasia International Film Festival! Not only that, but it will be 1 of 8 films featured in this years "Born of Women" annual showcase.

Fantasia has been called “The most important and prestigious genre film festival on this continent.” …by some guy named Quentin Tarantino (!)

What an incredible honor it is to be in the company of so many filmmakers whom we admire!

Thank you Mitch, Celia, Eric & team for the warm welcome to the Fantasia Family!

Tickets for virtual screenings go on sale on July 23 on their website – and you can start streaming on August 5 through the 25th!


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